Submersible (IPX7)

With our Beak™ dry duffel, you're prepared. Our fully-submersible duffel offers zero access points for rogue wetness into your gear. Beak's ultra-durable design withstands getting dunked and dragged while remaining 100% dry on the inside.

Ultimate Protection: An airtight and waterproof bag offers a double layer of defense, keeping your belongings safe from both water and air. This is particularly crucial for items sensitive to moisture, such as electronics, documents, or clothing.

Submersion Resistance: These bags are designed to withstand submersion, making them ideal for water-based activities like kayaking, boating, or even just ensuring your gear stays dry in heavy rain.

Buoyancy: Some airtight and waterproof bags are designed to float, providing an additional layer of security. If your bag accidentally goes overboard, it won't sink, making retrieval easier.

Versatility in Environments: Whether you're in a humid jungle, a snowy mountain, or a beach setting, an airtight and waterproof bag ensures your gear remains dry and protected in a variety of environments.

Long-lasting Durability: These bags are typically constructed with durable materials that resist wear and tear. The combination of airtight and waterproof features enhances their longevity, making them reliable companions for your outdoor adventures.

In essence, an airtight and waterproof bag is a robust solution for anyone who needs to keep their belongings completely dry and secure in a variety of conditions.